The popularity of laser body hair removal is increasing rapidly among men. And women should be conscious of their body image. It is estimated that about one million Indians have used laser facial treatments. To remove body hair in 2003. This number has doubled since that time. Interestingly, women are ahead of men in finding this solution.

Laser treatment can be used to remove unwanted hair on face, lips, face, legs, arms, back, armpits, shoulders, chest, neck, as well as bikini line. It is performed on an outpatient basis by an experienced cosmetic surgeon in a hospital or medical facility, and usually does not require a good anesthetic.

The process begins by shaving the treatment area. If the patient has dark skin, a real cosmetic professional applies bleaching Cream to help in better results of body hair removal. Once the treatment area may be shaved and cleaned with local anesthetic can be administered to minimize any discomfort to the patient during the process. But this may not be necessary.

The surgeon uses a special instrument to deliver waves of light into the hair follicle. The heat from the laser damages the pores as well as inhibits hair growth. The treatment may take one or two hours depending on the area being treated.

The treatment time and intensity of the laser light depends on the density and color of your body hair and the surface of the body from which the hair will be removed. The skin may turn red immediately after treatment. Sometimes, skin discoloration or irritation may occur. After laser body hair removal

During treatment, sufferers should avoid exposing the treated area Sun's rays. Sunscreen should be applied if it is unavoidable. The area of unwanted hair on women is different from that on men. Women are most eager to get rid of hair on the lips, chin, bikini line area and also legs. Men use laser to remove hair from eyebrows,

Ears, neck, chest and back. The technique is particularly preferred for back hair removal. Having hair on the back of most men is embarrassing, but there are not many viable options for removing them. They have to rely on someone else if they need a haircut or shaving

If you are planning to go for treatment of laser hair removal in Ludhiana and are worried about the results, it is sure that you will definitely get satisfactory results. It is considered to be the most result-oriented treatment available for hair removal.